RJ45 crossover coupler, network cable coupler.
RJ45 network cable coupler, RJ45 crossover coupler.
Join 2 network cables together and create a crossover.
RJ45 socket each end.

Black Copper Network Cable 1+1 Joinder Description


Product Information :

The item is a compact RJ45 network cable extension coupler.
With 2 x 8-pin network cable sockets
Use to join two Ethernet cables together to extend the existing cable.
With high performance and easy to use.
Shell material: hard plastic.
Join 2 network cables together to extend and existing cable.
Allow 2 Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors to be connected together so that the signal will pass straight through.
Connector: 2 x 8-pin RJ45 network cable plug.
High performance, easy and durable to use

Used in all Ethernet networking applications.

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