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What is Thermal Printer?

A thermal printer is most popular in every retail shop, where online billing work is easy to generate on paper, Thermal printer makes use of heat to produce the image or text on paper. Because of High-quality print, speed, and technological advances it has become an increasingly most used item and is used in airline, banking, entertainment, retail, grocery, and healthcare industries. We ATC Global providing Thermal printers in Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

Thermal Printer

Thermal printing never uses ink or toner unlike many other printing forms but largely depends on thermal papers for producing the images. They are also quite popular in creating labels owing to the speed of printing. Thermal Printers with ATC Global is Providing high-Quality printing facilities to its customers.

Advantages of Printer

  • Popular in noise-free environments and are useful for everyone.
  • It is cheap and comes in different sizes and models.
  • More advanced and faster in printing monochromic ones compared to other forms of printing.
  • More durable compared to other printers.
  • Easy to Carry and use.

Disadvantages of Printer

  • Can get warm and placed out greater ink than needed
  • Don’t print colorings as vibrantly
  • Ink takes longer to dry — ought to be careful now not to smudge or switch to different pages
  • Labels can’t face up to lengthy publicity to daylight or high heat
  • Labels tend to vanish
  • Repair/replacement price may be excessive

Services We Provide in

ATC Global is providing these services in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Faislabad, Peshawar, and more, Prices Starting From 5000PKR to 50,000PKR.