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What is Graphic Card?

A Graphics Card is a vital component of a Computer. It is
responsible for the colorful display on computer screens.
Therefore, while selecting a Graphics card or GCU there
are a number of points that the user must take care of. if
you want to play ram-hungry games for your setup, then
a good selection of graphics cards could highly impact
your gaming experience. you have to know the
compatibility of your GCU and your computer and it
requires keen research before purchasing it. because
model numbers don’t give you enough information
which is needed and the performance of each graphics
card can be different from computer to computer

Why Graphics cards are important?

The main core element for any graphics card is the model
number. The model number contains memory
bandwidth, clock rates, & graphics processor.
selection should not only be based on the amount of
RAM of the card. If you are planning to run multiple
systems at the same time, RAM should not be an issue,
however, if you are willing to play your game on a screen
with 1080P resolution or above then you must go for a
high-end graphics card model. however, Bandwidth is
way more important when choosing a graphics card. One
should always keep in mind that a GDDR5 memory
would provide double the bandwidth of DDR3.

Graphics Cards Prices in Pakistan.

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